Skin Changers

Skin Changers immersive VR began with one woman’s wish for others to understand her disabled son. Then it morphed and expanded to become a tool to rehabilitate juvenile offenders.

Mzia lost her ability to care about others back in Georgia. War, attempted rape, and losing her parents while someone begged for mercy stripped her of compassion and the ability to trust. But when Mzia lands a job with Skin Changers, she learns that empathy and trust are all that really matter.

Nick had it all: a channel on the planet’s most popular streaming video platform, fame, and more money than he knew what to do with. Then he crashed, literally, losing both mobility and self-esteem. Inside the program, Skin Changers VR restores Nick’s legs. In return, it demands more of him than he believes is possible.

Skin Changers will bring Mzia and Nick together, transform the way they see themselves and each other, and force them to face an enemy bent on stealing kids’ lives.

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