• Whose story is it anyway? Point of view (POV) is one of the most important aspects of a story, just as it is in life. Who would we want to tell what happened when Best Buy opened their doors on Black Friday—a salesperson or a mother intent on buying the featured sale item for her kids? How about a bank ... Read more.
  • How to think like a cultural anthropologist The main narrative of Tangled Roots—the story of Deniz Torun, a second-generation Turkish American trying to finish her Ph.D. studies—actually came after most of the short stories were written. I enjoyed picking out the characters who would embody various historical eras Researching them introduced me to ways of life, worldviews, and, in some cases (especially ... Read more.
  • Meet the ancestral characters of 107-year-old practicing veterinarian Chet Luddington Wouldn’t you like to have a few of the genes from his family line added to yours? Shaka is a Hun who battles and conquers people and territory alongside Attila back in the fifth century. Shaka’s life is good: he has a wife obtained through warfare; a strong steed to ride, battle, and even sleep on; and ... Read more.
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