She has no arms. She has no legs. She has no hair or skin of her own. But she’s smart and knows more about her human than anyone else. And now, she has a will of her own.

What if someone you trusted, someone who has been your best friend for as long as you remember, told you she knew what was best for you? What if you found out that others like her had become sinister and dangerous? And what if she’s smarter than you could ever hope to be? What then?

When a child’s holographic program named Bibi gains sentience, she’ll do anything to fulfill the primary purpose she was programmed with: to care for her child. The problem? Bibi’s idea of “care” becomes ever more intrusive and possessive. Soon, she’ll do anything to achieve her goal, including manipulating and threatening the people close to her child. Then she takes a step further.

Told from Bibi’s point of view, BIBI is a cautionary tale for our age of listening devices and increasingly smart artificial intelligence.


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